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Zhengzhou Key-chemi biotechnology co., LTD. is a high-tech company committed to the field of chemical biology. The core personnel of the company are all graduates from China famous universities with master's degree or above. The core personnel have formed an innovative team with rich practical experience and strong technical strength. The R&D strength of the company is strong, the R&D personnel are Top talent in the pharmaceutical, pesticides and other fine chemical industry. And they worked once in famous institute, colleges and or chemical enterprises. They are knowledgeable, advanced consciousness in chemical synthesis, activity testing, product registration and other aspects of rich experience.

Our company focuses on the research and development of agricultural and medical intermediates and other chemical products, providing high-end superior product services for the majority of terminal manufacturers. Every year, our company would invest a lot of money in the research and development of new products and process improvement, to improve the competitiveness of products in the domestic and foreign markets. At present, our company has a whole industrial chain management ability from product development and design, synthesis in lab to industrial production. At present, we have marketed two chemicals, five products under development. And more than 90% of which are exported to foreign countries.

Our company takes the market-oriented policy, relies on technology support and adopts the international first-class quality management system. We strictly control the raw material purchase and the production process, while advanced test instrument and exact test method is adopted. We have established friendly and stable business relationship with customers in more than ten countries across Europe, South America and southeast Asia, especially with the world's top 5 agrochemical companies. After years of strategic partnership, we have won a good reputation in the world.


Zhengzhou Key-chemi Bioscience Co., Ltd. is eager to cooperate sincerely with colleagues and make common progress.

Welcome to Zhengzhou for cooperation!